Digital Dimmer

CCR 501

Dijital Dimmer

CCR501 Digital Dimmer  Digital current control device designed with micro-controller.
•Digital current control device designed with micro-controller
•Easy to install and controll
•Accurate controll.
•Different maxsimum capacity choices 3 - 5 - 9,9 A
(Must be mentioned with order)
•Ability to store the value 
Dimensions W72xH72xD115 
Display 3 Digil 14,2mm 7 Segmented Red Led
Supply Voltage 220 VAC -t-%15, -%20,50-60 Hz,
Besleme Voltajı 220 VAC +%15, - %20, 50 - 60 Hz, 
Max. 3 VA 
Power Consumption 3VA   
Ambience Temp. Range 0 - 50°C
Buttons Micro-switch 
Data Storage  EEPROM (lOyearsmin.)
Connection With socketted xlemens having cross
sectional area of 2,5 mm1
Weight 365 gr 
PROGRAMMING Controling is simple

The current for the load can be adjusted with the aid of H buttons.

If any of the buttons are pressed the display will begin blinking indicating the programming mode is entered. After setting the value the device will stop blinking and store the value.

When the device is shut dovvn or in case of electrical failure the device will store the last adjusted value.

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