4 Digital Up Counter


Dijital İleri Sayıcı

C2014PR  Digital Up Counter
 4 digit, single contact counter designed with micro-controller.
• 72mm x 72 mm cross section for panel mount
• Set value with actual counted value are displayed simultaneousl
• Easy and clear programming with the aid of buttons on the
front panel
• Able to chose input frequency from 20, 50,100, 500 Hz.
With single set point and single contact
• Output time between 0.1 - 9.9 sec or endless output
• Easiness of connection with socketted xlemens
Dimensions W72xH72xD115 
Display  4 Digit 14,2mm 7 Segmented Red Led
4 Digit 9,1 mm, 7 Segmented Red Led 
Counter İnput 1 Pes. 500 Hz at max and 5 - 30 V 
Counter Frequency Can be seleeted among 20, 50,100,
500 bythe programming mode. 
Control Output 1 Relay for resistive load, 2 A at 220 V AC
(NO + NC)1 öpen colleetor output
Reset İnput Positive reset (5 V - 30 V pulses with
mimimum duration of 100 msec) 
Supply Voltage 220 VAC+%15,-%20, 50-60 Hz, Max. 3 VA 
Power Consumption 3VA 
Sensor Supply Output 50 mA (vvithout regulation) at 12 V 
Ambience Temp. Range 0.. +50°C 
Buttons  Micro-svvitch 
Data Storage EEPROM (10years min.) 
Connection  With socketted xlemens having cross
sectional area of 2,5 mm2 
Weight 365 gr 

Set value can be accessed without entering the programming mode with | buttons. The device will store the new value in 1 sec and puts it in to process. To access tprogramming mode button must be pressed for 5 set.
Outt: With this parameter relay output time can be selleeted be- tween 0.1 sec to 9.9 sec using ON & OFF buttons. Parameters can be shifted using Set button.
Fr. With this parameter the input frequency of the counter can be adjusted to 20, 50,100, 500 Hz. İ n case of using mechanical svviteh the frequency must be not m ö re than 50 Hz.
An With the aid of ON & OFF buttons Automatic Reset can be adjusted to ON or OFF
Pr. VVith the aid of ON & OFF buttons Panel Reset can be adjusted toONorOFF
To exit parameter programming mode, 5 sec should be waited vvithout pressing any buttons.



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